3 Reasons Your Neighbor’s Pool is Better than Your Pool

Jul 4, 2020

Faux rock slides, waterfalls and caves can cost millions of dollars. Drinkable pool water systems are a must. Salt systems are considered outdated.

The following article discusses swimming pool status symbols. Much like your vehicle of choice… your swimming pool says a lot about you and your position in life. What does your swimming pool say about you?

Faux Rock Caves, Waterfalls, and Slides

These high-end pool features (pictured above) can be very grand and extremely expensive. The caves are made out of concrete which has been colored and shaped to look like naturally occurring rock formations. If your pool has a faux rock feature of any size then it should be clear to anyone visiting your home that you are a top tier socialite.

Drinkable Pool Water Systems

This is the highest pool water sanitation available for swimming pools in 2020 and the price tag is $5900! It keeps your pool water sparkling clean without the use of salt, chlorine, or ozone which means no more red eyes or itchy skin or chlorine smell. It also makes everything on the pool last a longer. For example, most faux rock artists will not install an expensive faux rock feature nowadays unless the pool is equipped with a Drinkable Pool Water System. This is because the concrete used in the faux rock can be damaged very quickly by salt and chlorine in the water. If your pool is equipped with a Drinkable Pool Water System then you are probably the most successful person in your hood. You can check to see if your pool is upgradable to a Drinkable Pool Water System HERE.

Underwater Tunnels

Most people have not ever even heard of this. Some pools have secret caves which can only be accessed via an underwater tunnel. You swim through the tunnel and pop up in a subterranean hiding spot. Sometimes these caves can be massive and full of even more incredible features such as grills or waterfalls. Underwater tunnels are an engineering challenge and can run from one hundred thousand dollars into the millions.

AOP technology and titanium produced hydroxyl radicals will make chlorine as a swimming pool sanitizer obsolete within the next few years.