3 Simple Ways of Choosing a Swimming Pool Liner Color or Design

Jan 2, 2020

A 27 Mil Gold Level (No Border) Blue Granite Pool Liner

A Big Decision When it Comes to Your Swimming Pool

Choosing the color or design of your new pool liner is a big decision. Most 27 mil pool liners last 8 to 12 years. This means your pool liner is going to be a central focus point of your backyard for a long time. Let’s make sure we get it right! The following are three big ways to get a lot closer to your perfect liner design choice.

1. Get the Big Stuff Right

Ask yourself what basic color you want. All pool liner designs can be broken down into four basic color groups. Blue, Tan, Grey, and Black. You can narrow your choices down very quickly by simply choosing the color you want to focus on. Blue liners give that blue ocean effect. Tan liners give the water a teal hue. Grey liners make the water look… grey. Black liners make the water look very dark and black liners are popular on modern geometric shaped pools.

2. Make sure the Vinyl is Colored as Well

Some pool liner designs are printed onto white vinyl and some are printed on colored vinyl. The print will color fade at the same rate on all liners. However, if the blue print fades and there is blue vinyl behind it…it gives the illusion that the blue color is lasting longer. FYI, color fading is the biggest frustration of vinyl pool owners and 99% of color fade is due to chlorine or salt sanitation systems. Upgrading your pool to a Drinkable Pool Water System will prevent almost all vinyl liner color fade. This system uses high technology to sanitize your pool without the use of chlorine, salt, or ozone. In addition to the fact that your pool liner color will remain vibrant over the years it is also a much healthier way to swim.

3. Choose a Legit Manufacturer

Make sure the company that actually makes the vinyl pool liner is good at what they do. There are two different markets for liner manufacturers and the variation in quality is massive. You want to find a liner manufacturer that has all the latest technology and equipment for making pool liners. There are plenty of good manufacturers out there but we suggest finding a dealer who installs Latham Liners. Their liners are really well made and there are plenty of designs to choose from.

Did you know that pool pool plaster scale cannot occur when the pool is equipped with a Drinkable Pool Water System? No Salt, No Chlorine, No Ozone, No Kidding.