5 Ways to Spot Salt / Chlorine Damage on Your Swimming Pool

Apr 12, 2022

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Salt and Chlorine Destroy Everything They Touch… Including Your Swimming Pool

If your swimming pool is still using a salt or chlorine system to sanitize your pool water, your chances are 100% that your pool will experience damage in the near future. In many cases, this damage will be significant and very expensive.

I have remodeled more than 5000 swimming pools over the past 18 years. During this same time period, I evaluated over 10,000 swimming pools during the remodeling quote process. I have never seen a swimming pool over one year old that has not been damaged in some way by salt or chlorine. The truth is that pool companies love salt and chlorine systems because they guarantee future sales due to the damage caused by these harsh chemicals over the years. This doesn’t even consider the negative health effects of salt and chlorine on eyes and skin. The purpose of this article is to help pool owners identify salt/chlorine damage in the early stages… preferably before it causes significant structural damage to the swimming pool which can cost tens of thousands of dollars to fix. In this case… an ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure.

1. Ladder Anchors: Pool ladders are typically mounted inside “ladder anchors,” which are sleeves that are set inside the concrete pool deck and hold the ladder securely in place. Ladders are supposed to be easily removable. However, pool water brimming with salt and chlorine drips down the ladder rails every time a swimmer exits the pool and this inevitably causes the ladder anchors to corrode. In some cases, the ladder cannot even be removed from the concrete for winterization because the corrosion of the ladder anchors is so advanced. Once this happens, the concrete must be cut in order to replace the ladder anchors and usually the ladder is destroyed in the process.

2. Plaster Scale: The unique water chemistry of a salt/chlorine swimming pool system actually encourages plaster scale to develop on otherwise beautiful pool finishes and waterfalls. This ugly and hard white chalky substance begins to build up on the plaster and waterfall/stone features and over the years can become as much as an inch thick. Effectively removing plaster scale is almost impossible and generally results in a reduction of plaster scale but not a complete removal. The swimming pool plaster scale can be reversed, but you must first upgrade to a ZeroChlor Pool System. After roughly six months, the plaster scale will go away.

3. Pool Liner Color Fade / Bleaching: The biggest complaint, by far, of vinyl swimming pool owners is the fact that their beautiful new pool liners only stay beautiful for a couple of years after installation. A 5-year study comparing 10 salt/chlorine pools with 10 ZeroChlor pools concluded that salt/chlorine damage was responsible for about 98% of pool liner color fading below the waterline. This discovery has huge implications for people who own vinyl swimming pools. Get rid of the salt/chlorine and 98% of the liner degradation is eliminated. The only question remaining is… How long will liners last in a fresh water environment free of salt, chlorine, and ozone? 20 years? 30 years?

4. Damage to Pool Equipment: A tiny leak inside a pool pump, filter, or heater can bring water containing salt/chlorine in direct contact with the outside surfaces of these expensive pool components. The result is very rapid degradation and eventual destruction of the pool component, rendering it unserviceable. The salt system user manual and purchase agreement explicitly states that salt and chlorine can damage pool components and that the manufacturer is not responsible for the damage caused. This means that the pool owner is on the hook. But at least they were honest with you up front… right?

5. Structural Damage: This is the most expensive of all the salt/chlorine damage because structural damage almost always requires destruction of part or all of the pool for a complete rebuild of the affected area. Structural damage can occur when salt/chlorinated water gets behind a pool liner or is introduced to the soil surrounding the pool via an underground plumbing leak. Underground plumbing leaks can also kill grass and other vegetation in close proximity to the pool reservoir.

So what can you do? The answer is very simple… stop using salt or chlorine to sanitize your pool water. It is 2022, after all. In 1995, salt chlorinators were a big deal, but new technology has made these systems completely obsolete.

Popular high-tech sanitation systems, such as the ZeroChlor Pool System keep your pool crystal clear without the use of salt, chlorine, or ozone. They offer some pretty big improvements over salt and chlorine systems. First, every component of your pool lasts longer…a lot longer. You can see why many pool companies don’t want you to know about this system. If your pool heater lasts twice as long…they will only be able to sell you half as many heaters over the years. But what if everything lasts longer? Your pump, filter, liner, plaster, walls, plumbing, heater, etc. won’t need to be replaced as often, saving you massive amounts of money over the years. Second, the water you swim in is healthier…a lot healthier. Swimming in salt or chlorine used to be the only option pool owners had. So the risk of exposing your eyes and skin to salt and chlorine seemed like the lesser of two evils. Swim in unhealthy chemicals or possibly get sick from tainted pool water. ZeroChlor Pool Systems give pool owners the best of both worlds…sanitized AND fresh water. Another reason people are moving away from salt is environmentalism. Pool water sanitized with a ZeroChlor Pool System can be used to water your garden or grass…seriously.

On January 1st, 2018, Lazy Day Pools stopped installing salt systems on swimming pools under any circumstances. We made this decision because we want to be able to sleep at night. We have installed hundreds of ZeroChlor Pool Systems all over the State of Georgia (and several in other states) over the past few years (often as an add-on to a heater replacement) and we have never had a complaint or a return. 100% of our clients say they would not consider going back to salt or chlorine. Also, the UGA water lab recently tested several swimming pools equipped with the ZeroChlor Pool System for E.Coli control and found that the water in all of these pools was at least 325 times BETTER than the standard set for residential swimming pools using chlorine.

If you would like to get a free quote to upgrade your pool to a ZeroChlor Pool System, please call 678-374-4426. ZeroChlor Systems start at $2800.

ZeroChlor Pool Systems are disrupting the swimming pool industry by making salt, chlorine, and ozone systems obsolete.