Look at the Before and After Picture to the Left!

This is what you will be learning how to do.  In the process, you will grow in ways you never thought possible. You are going to LOVE your new career!  The possibilities are endless and we support you along the way.  

What if you were the best at something...anything?!

What if you were the best basketball player in the country?  What if you were the best tennis player...or the best home builder...or the best painter?  

Well the entire purpose of this apprenticeship is to make you the best at vinyl pool remodeling and we are not exaggerating!  After completing this apprenticeship you will be capable of performing in the top 1% of vinyl pool remodeling professionals nationwide.  After completing your apprenticeship you will be able to play a major role in helping the Lazy Day Team win...and we always win!  

So how do think you will feel if you are winning ever day...moving confidently toward your career goals with clear systems to get wherever you want to go?  

The select few who get accepted to this apprenticeship will be blessed with a future so bright...they will need to wear shades.

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