The Best Pool Bottom Material for Vinyl Swimming Pools in 2020

Dec 8, 2019

The Pool Bottom Above is in Need of Complete Replacement

Why PoolKrete is the Best Choice

There are essentially 3 choices when it comes to new pool bottoms for in-ground vinyl swimming pools.

  1. Sand.
  2. Sand/Cement Mix.
  3. PoolKrete (AKA Vermiculite)

All three of these materials meet the needs of the vinyl pool owner. They all allow the pool bottom to be “shaped” while at the same time remaining completely water permeable. A vinyl pool bottom must remain water permeable to allow ground water (also known as “hydrostatic lift” from damaging the pool bottom.  Groundwater events occur all the time and are highly random. A ground water event occurs when the water table in the earths crust rises due to some natural event such as heavy rainfall or a shifting underground stream. Poolkrete is the brand of vermiculite that we use at Lazy Day Pools. Poolkrete is easy to mix and hand trowel to a perfect finish if you are skilled in trowel work.  Unlike sand it does not shift under foot which means that it hold its shape even after a water volleyball game. Adding a portion of cement to the sand can give the sand a better ability to hold its form but our experience has been that it comes nowhere close to the performance of Poolkrete. Also, Poolkrete lasts much longer than the other options which means that the pool bottom doesn’t need to be refinished every ten years when you replace your pool liner.

AOP technology and titanium produced hydroxyl radicals will make chlorine as a swimming pool sanitizer obsolete within the next few years.