10 October, 2019

Swimming Pool Liner Pricing in 2020

Swimming pool liner replacement prices were steady from 2004 to 2012.  Then started the slow rise in prices from 2012 to 2017.  But then came the 2018 liner pricing... 

23 October, 2019

How to Tuck a Swimming Pool Liner Back into the Liner Track

Tucking in a pool liner is not that difficult (especially if the liner is less than two years old).  Watch this quick video to see how to tuck your liner in yourself. 

09 December, 2019

Drinkable Pool Water Systems on New Swimming Pools in 2020

By now, most pool owners are aware of the AOP movement away from salt and chlorine.  But did you know that there are different levels of AOP technology?  This article details the...

10 December, 2019

Want to Save Money on Pool Maintenance in 2020?  

There are several simple ways to save money on pool maintenance each year.  The first one is to open your swimming pool early (by March 1st in Georgia).  This is because the...