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What is a Drinkable Pool Water System (Definition)

Drinkable Pool Water System Definition

A Drinkable Pool Water System has a Very Specific Definition

A Drinkable Pool Water System is defined as "a swimming pool sanitation system which uses no salt, chlorine or ozone AND has all five of the following items:

  1. AOP/AEP 8-Bar Double Sided Titanium Grid for Hydroxyl Radical Production (The Secret Sauce).  
  2. Copper Ionization for Residual Killing Effect.
  3. High Exposure Time Ultraviolet Light (HET-UV) for destroying bio-threats at the DNA level.
  4. NSF-61 Certified Filter Media for Filtration that meets Drinkable Standards.
  5. Certified Installation by an installer listed on

If any of the above items are missing it IS NOT defined as a Drinkable Pool Water System.



AOP technology and titanium produced hydroxyl radicals will make chlorine as a swimming pool sanitizer obsolete within the next few years.

This is a video of a Drinkable Pool Water System installed on a pool in Marietta GA in 2019.



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