Drinkable Pool Water Systems on New Pools in 2020

Dec 9, 2019

Core Technology for Drinkable Pool Water System Pictured Above. 3-Stage Activated Glass Filter Not Shown.

What are the different types of AOP systems and is all the hype for real?

By now, most swimming pool owners are aware of the AOP movement away from salt and chlorine. But did you know that there are different levels of AOP technology?  The secret sauce of any AOP system is the production of hydroxyl radicals. Hydroxyl radicals sanitize the pool water significantly better than chlorine and can even handle the destruction of crypto in the pool water with ease (chlorine can’t do this).  So the more hydroxyl radicals a system can produce the better (up to a certain point).

So when looking for an AOP system for your pool it is important that you look for a system that uses “Titanium Generated Hydoxyl Radicals” because this is the technology that has the capacity to generate the largest amount of hydroxyl radicals thereby increasing the efficacy of the AOP system. The Drinkable Pool Water System (one of the more expensive AOP systems on the market) contains a titanium “grid” made up of 8 double sided titanium bars. These titanium bars are also the largest bars on any AOP system available today.  This is important because the surface area of the titanium is the biggest factor in hydroxyl radical production.

Less expensive systems are available which use different technologies to produce some hydroxyl radicals in the water.  However, if you are switching to the healthier AOP technology for your pool it makes sense to spend a little bit extra on a Drinkable Pool Water System and get much more sanitation power.

AOP technology and titanium produced hydroxyl radicals will make chlorine as a swimming pool sanitizer obsolete within the next few years.