How Pool Shock Destroys Your Swimming Pool Piece by Piece

Jun 28, 2020

Swimming Pool Shock Attacks and Destroys Everything it Touches. Slat Systems are Even Worse.

Chlorine attacks and destroys everything it touches… everything (like pumps, heaters, skin and eyes). High technology has produced alternative sanitizers such as Hydroxyl Radical Systems that attack the bio-threats in the water and nothing else.

Pool shock is 100% free chlorine molecules. When you put chlorine shock in your swimming pool the free chlorine molecules begin attacking the bio-threats in your pool water. The problem is that the pool shock doesn’t stop there. The pool shock will also attack everything on your swimming pool that water touches. Some of the pool components most notorious for suffering the most destruction from pool shock corrosion, bleaching, or oxidation are:

  • Pool Heaters
  • Pool Pumps
  • Pool Liners
  • Pool Plaster
  • Pool Lights
  • Human Skin
  • Human Eyes

So what can you do? The answer is very simple…stop using salt or chlorine to sanitize your pool water. I mean it is 2020 after all. In 1995, salt chlorinators were a big deal but new technology has made these systems completely obsolete.

Popular high tech sanitation systems such as the Drinkable Pool Water System keep your pool crystal clear without the use of salt, chlorine, or ozone. They offer some pretty big improvements over salt and chlorine systems. First, everything on the pool lasts longer…a lot longer. You can see why many pool companies don’t want you to know about this system. If your pool heater lasts twice as long…they will only be able sell you half as many heaters over the years. But what if everything last longer? You pump, filter, liner, plaster, walls, plumbing, heater, etc. won’t need to be replaced as often saving you massive amounts of money over the years. Second, the water you swim in is healthier…a lot healthier. Swimming in salt or chlorine used to be the only option pool owners had. So the risk of exposing your eyes and skin to salt and chlorine seemed like the lesser of two evils. Swim in unhealthy chemicals or possibly get sick from tainted pool water. The Drinkable Pool Water System gives you the best of both worlds. Another reason people are moving away from salt is environmentalism. Pool water sanitized with a Drinkable Pool Water System can be used to water your garden or grass…seriously.

On January 1st, 2020, Lazy Day Pools (and many other pool companies) stopped installing salt systems on swimming pools under any circumstances. We made this decision because we want to be able to sleep at night. We have installed Drinkable Pool Water Systems all over the State of Georgia over the past couple of years and we have never had a complaint. 100% of our clients say they would not consider going back to salt or chlorine. Also, the UGA water lab recently tested several swimming pools equipped with the Drinkable Pool Water System for E. Coli and found that the water in all of these pools was at least 325 times LOWER than than the standard set for residential swimming pools.

AOP technology and titanium produced hydroxyl radicals will make chlorine as a swimming pool sanitizer obsolete within the next few years.