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How to Reverse or Get Rid of Swimming Pool Plaster Scale

Mar 25, 2019

A simple way to reverse plaster scale AND enjoy freshwater swimming.

Like Magic… No More Acid Washing and Ugly Etching

I wanted to write this article to simply report what we have accomplished on three swimming pools in the Atlanta market when it comes to the complete reversal of the plaster scale. In order to expand our knowledge of this incredible new discovery, we are offering free upgrades to the ZeroChlor Pool System as part of a comprehensive 6 month study being conducted in the Atlanta market by Lazy Day Pools in cooperation with ZeroChlor Pool Systems., Inc. I recognize that many pool pros out there will say that I’m stretching the truth, but I give you my word that I am not. Over the past two years, we have upgraded many pools to the ZeroChlor Pool System in the Atlanta market, as local pool owners try to get away from salt and chlorine to swim in healthier fresh water and protect their swimming pool components from salt damage. Usually, pool owners ask us to switch them over to the ZeroChlor Pool System for one of three reasons: health, pool component longevity, or environmentalism.

But an interesting thing started to happen in the pools with ugly plaster scale already covering the pool plaster and natural stone work on the waterfalls. It went away! Seriously!!! On all three pools, one of which had significant scale buildup on the waterfall, all had zero plaster scale within 6 months of upgrading to the ZeroChlor Pool System. Most pool professionals will hear this and say that it is not possible… and 2 years ago I would have agreed with them… but it is very true. The unique water chemistry created by the ZeroChlor Pool System gently reverses the plaster scaling process which is so common on salt and chlorine pools today. It is important that I mention the ZeroChlor Pool System does not make any claims about plaster scale reversal, but Lazy Day Pools has used it to reverse plaster scale on three pools so far and we are excited to see (and record) what happens to the next pool with plaster scale that the ZeroChlor Pool System is installed on.

If your pool has plaster scale and you were already thinking of upgrading to a ZeroChlor Pool System, this is just one more reason to consider doing so. But we have an even bigger reason. A free ZeroChlor Pool System Upgrade when you choose to participate in our comprehensive 6 month plaster scale reversal study. See below for more information on how the study will work.

The 6-Month Plaster Scale Reversal Study

Lazy Day Pools in Cooperation with ZeroChlor Pool Systems, Inc is seeking to better understand the effects of the ZeroChlor Pool System specifically regarding the reversal of plaster scale buildup on pool plaster, natural stone, and mortar.


Upgrading a swimming pool to the ZeroChlor Pool System completely and permanently reverses the buildup of swimming pool plaster scale on all surfaces touched by the pool water.

How the Study Works

Pool owners with active plaster scale buildup (the worse the better) in the State of Georgia north of Macon can apply to participate in the study. If your application is accepted as a study participant, the following study process will occur:

  1. Lazy Day Pools will install a ZeroChlor Pool System on the swimming pool for free.
  2. Lazy Day Pools will monitor and document the swimming pool chemistry and scale buildup for a period of 6 months.
  3. After 6 months, the pool owner / study participant will have the option of purchasing the ZeroChlor Pool System at a 50% discount rate or Lazy Day Pools will remove the system from the pool for free.

AOP technology and titanium produced hydroxyl radicals will make chlorine as a swimming pool sanitizer obsolete within the next few years.