Going Salt and Chlorine Free on a Budget

We now offer the HydroFusion XL.

No Salt, No Chlorine, No Ozone, No Breaking the Bank, No Kidding!

Everyone seems to want to get away from salt and chlorine to sanitize their swimming pools.  But a Drinkable Pool Water System is expensive.  Well now you can have the next best thing for a lot less green!  Finally, the perfect alternative to a swimming pool salt system.

  • 8-Bar Double Sided Titanium Grid (Hydroxyl Radicals).

  • Copper Ionization (Backup Residual Sanitation).

  • Control Panel for Perfect Sanitation Every Time.

  • No Burning Eyes or Irritated Skin.

  • No Color Fading Pool Liners or Plaster Scale.

  • Priced Lower Than Many Salt Systems.

  • Installation, Delivery and Taxes Included (GA Only).

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