Pool Boot Camp

A truly FREE class to help new pool owners understand their swimming pool much better! Owning a swimming pool can be stressful or stress-free. It can be expensive or inexpensive. After taking this down and dirty training, you will transform yourself from sheep to wolves. You will no longer be a slave to the market forces which have developed over the years to drain your wallet and sanity. You see, when you are not educated about ANY product, the market WILL TAKE ADVANTAGE of that fact. Your swimming pool is a permanent fixture in your home, making it a part of the biggest investment most people will ever make. Get the facts and make better decisions as a pool owner. This is a no-bulls*&^ approach to pool ownership and it only takes a few hours to complete the training.

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What Will Be Covered in Your Training

This training is free and powerful. The information is high-level and straight to the point. However, because we provide all of our content for free, our production quality may not be up to the standards of the online training guru elites. If you can find it in your heart to overlook this minor lack of professional production quality, we think that, after taking this training, you will save thousands of dollars as a pool owner over the years and reduce the stress of pool ownership to near zero. So let’s do this!

9-Step Weekly Pool Maintenance

The nine-step weekly pool maintenance process is the easiest way to make sure your pool remains clean and beautiful year round. This is the process the pros use and it only takes about 12 minutes per week to do!

Basic Swimming Pool Chemistry

Understanding your pool chemistry is SO important! Once you understand the basics, it becomes very easy for you to deal with any problems that may arise and even easier to prevent problems before they occur.

3 Things You Should Really Know

I share with you three things that all pool owners should know. These are the 3 things that come up over and over again with pool owners I speak with on a day-to-day basis. The purpose of this short class is to teach you to be a more informed pool owner.

How Your Pool System Works

This is foundational information and it is extremely important for pool owners to understand. Even if you use a pool service to maintain your pool, this basic information about how your pool works will protect you and allow you to make much better decisions.

What Are Your Pool Components?

This training will teach you how to identify all of your pool components as well as what each of the pool components does. We will cover everything from pumps to skimmers. Once you have this foundational knowledge, it becomes much easier to troubleshoot what is wrong with your pool without having to call a pool pro for every little thing. This class alone is worth a BIG MONEY.

Understanding Sanitation Systems

This short class will save you a minimum of $100 per month. Some pool owners will save up to $260 per month. Every pool has a sanitation system installed on it to keep the pool water clean and pretty. Every sanitation system requires a different approach and has pros and cons! This training will give you a deeper understanding of what your sanitation system is and how to use it well.