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Sell and Walk Away

I pay an agreed-on price for your pool business and you take the money and run. Usually, I use one of my managers to turn the business around and make it highly profitable.

Sell and Stay

I purchase your business and then pay you an annual salary to help me grow the company. This is my preferred method…but it requires complimentary skillsets between you and I.

Custom Offers

On occasion, I will do a custom deal with a pool company based on unique circumstances.

Chris Ward, Founder & CEO

“Your pool company does not need to be making money in order for me to buy it. In fact, most of the pool companies I make offers on are losing money with revenues much less than $500K per year. You will be surprised how quickly you and I can turn things around when we work together…your strengths and my strengths. Submitting the form below does not mean you have to sell your company. It simply allows us to talk and see if selling makes sense for both of us.”

Chris Ward, President
Lazy Day Pool and Spa, Inc & ZeroChlor Pool Systems, Inc

Chris Ward, Founder & CEO
I have created many multi-million dollar pool companies. This is my specialty. When we meet, you will most likely be extremely stressed out. The business you built to create happiness and joy in your life has now become a nightmare and it seems like you can’t escape. The more you try… the deeper the hole gets. I’ve been there! I understand what you are dealing with. I am NOT smarter than you. I just happened upon a system of doing business, specifically for the pool industry, that works extremely well. My goal is to not only fix your struggling pool company, but to transform it into a money-making machine. I want to make you wealthy or get you out of a bad situation. Let’s talk and see what we can work out.

Chris Ward, President
Lazy Day Pool and Spa, Inc & ZeroChlor Pool Systems, Inc