The EVERNU™ Franchising Opportunity

Jul 22, 2022

Join an industry leader!

EVERNU™ franchisees will sell pool liners and related services in their market, and they will also have the ability to differentiate themselves further with the ZeroChlor Pool Systems.

For the pool liner side of the business, franchisees will enjoy the advantage of their franchisor’s market strength when it comes to quality and pricing of liners. The EVERNU™/Lazy Day Pools™ founder carefully studies the market each year and works with the manufacturer who will provide the highest quality and the best pricing. Because the company is the largest pool liner installer in the United States, the manufacturers aggressively compete for the EVERNU™ business. The franchisees will be able to leverage this and offer both quality and price to their customers. And another EVERNU™ differentiator is that each liner is custom-manufactured.

And there is even better news.

The Lazy Day Pools™/EVERNU™ technology which further sets it apart in the market, is its ZeroChlor Pool System – an alternative sanitizing technology for pools that does not rely on salt or chlorine. Chris and his team researched and perfected the ZeroChlor technology in 2018, and introduced this technology to the market. It delivers two important solutions for swimming pool maintenance. First, it purifies the water, literally down to drinkable standards. Secondly, because the technology does not use either salt or chlorine, this helps preserve the color of pool liners and effectively extends their useful life from 10 years to more than 25 years.

This technology has disrupted the pool industry! The ZeroChlor Pool System is a powerful AOP (Advanced Oxidation Process) system, capable of producing over 40,000g of oxidation per hour. This unprecedented level of oxidation is produced using electrolysis. Ozone is not used in ZeroChlor Pool Systems. Filtration in this system filters the pool water down to one micron.

EVERNU™ franchisees will be required to purchase several of the ZeroChlor systems as part of their franchising arrangement; they will have the opportunity to offer this service to their swimming pool customers looking for the best in pool maintenance.

We believe this positions us uniquely and strongly in our market. Interested in learning more?

Prospective franchisees should know this is a growing market. In fact, IbisWorld statistics show it to be a $1.3 billion industry in the United States, and continuing to grow.

The national statistics confirm what we have seen firsthand, which is why we believe that the Lazy Day Pools™ franchising opportunity is so ideally suited for franchising. Our commitment to franchising grew out of the increasing demand for our services. The average pool liner company sells between 5 and 10 liners per year; our company sells between 200 and 300 annually. From our base in the Atlanta area, demand for our liners and related services comes from well beyond our immediate market. We believe that the right way to take our company onto a more national stage is with a select group of like-minded entrepreneurial people to join us as franchisees.

As a franchisee, you will provide swimming pool repair, restoration, and remodeling services, including repair, resurfacing, and remodeling of vinyl-lined swimming pools. And you will have the additional market differentiator – ZeroChlor – at your disposal.

Because we are a volume buyer of liners and do have manufacturers competing for our business, we are able to provide top quality liners at competitive prices. We do not take a “cookie cutter” approach to liners. Just as no two homes are built alike, each pool is constructed differently. Each liner is custom-manufactured to reflect the exact specifications of the individual pool.

In addition to the already mentioned market differentiators, our franchisees will have a protected geographic territory in which to offer our approved Lazy Day Pools™/EVERNU™ services and related products. Your customer base will include residential homeowners or commercial business owners requiring the repair, restoration, or remodeling of a vinyl-lined swimming pool.

Our experience in the industry and our training programs are your assurance, as a franchisee, that you will learn from the best and will enter the market in a strong position.

AOP technology and titanium produced hydroxyl radicals will make chlorine as a swimming pool sanitizer obsolete within the next few years.