We’re looking for some great, motivated people to join as franchisees

Jul 23, 2022

Are you an entrepreneur at heart? Do you love the idea of running your own business and letting your hard work be its own reward?

Maybe you have pool service experience and are looking to capitalize on it. That is helpful. So too is experience as a contractor, or experience in business management and sales.

However, while all of these attributes are beneficial, it’s not necessarily a deal-breaker if you don’t have this background. We place a high premium on enthusiasm, work ethic, and the desire to succeed.

As a franchisee, you could start your business with a small staff and either a small office or a home office. Access to warehouse space for storage is important.

With the right office and sales support, you as a franchisee can focus on getting the liners installed. And you’ll receive plenty of training from us on exactly how to do that. It starts with a two-week training program at our Atlanta office. We also support our franchisees with videos, marketing materials, online consultation, and on-site support visits as needed.

We further support our franchisees with a centralized appointment setting system, a national advertising campaign, and online sales support. We will train you on every aspect of the business – from preparing quotes to marketing and installation (and everything in between).

Let us tell you more!

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