What is a Drinkable Pool Water System? (Definition)

Dec 10, 2019

A Drinkable Pool Water System has a Very Specific Definition

A Drinkable Pool Water System is defined as “a swimming pool sanitation system which uses no salt, chlorine or ozone AND has all five of the following items:

  1. AOP/AEP 8-Bar Double Sided Titanium Grid for Hydroxyl Radical Production (The Secret Sauce).
  2. Copper Ionization for Residual Killing Effect.
  3. High Exposure Time Ultraviolet Light (HET-UV) for destroying bio-threats at the DNA level.
  4. NSF-61 Certified Filter Media for Filtration that meets Drinkable Standards.
  5. Certified Installation by an installer listed on DrinkablePoolWater.com.

If any of the above items are missing it IS NOT defined as a Drinkable Pool Water System.