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What is the Best AOP System for Swimming Pools in 2020

Drinkable Pool Water System Ranks # 1 Based on Sanitation Criteria

A Drinkable Pool Water System Produces 40,000g Hydroxyl Radicals

If you want to pick the best AOP system for your swimming pool, the easiest way is to find the one with the highest level of power when it comes to producing hydroxyl radicals.  Hydroxyl radicals are the "secret sauce" of AOP systems because they are the most reactive of the oxygen species and are capable of destroying organic and inorganic material as well as cell constituents of organisms much more effectively than chlorine or salt molecules. Some AOP systems produce a small amount of hydroxyl radicals but are generally less expensive to purchase and some AOP systems produce a large amount of hydroxyl radicals but and are generally more expensive.


The easiest way to identify which systems are high producing or low producing is to check the system to see what process it uses to produce the hydroxyl radicals.  Systems using ozone for HR production generally produce very low amounts of Hydroxyl Radicals.  Systems using Titanium Electrolysis will produce higher levels of hydroxyl radicals.  Within the Titanium Electrolysis space, the amount of relative hydroxyl radical production is based on the surface area of the titanium grid used in the system.  For example, if a system uses two titanium bars, each of which are coated on one side with titanium this will give a 2X surface area.  The Drinkable Pool Water System uses 16X surface area which is literally 8 times more than the next best system on the market.  This is the main reason why the Drinkable Pool Water System is the best AOP/AEP system on the market today but there are other reasons as well.


In addition to being the king of hydroxyl radical production the Drinkable Pool Water System also includes HET-UV Sanitation and NSF-61 Filtration Technologies.  DrinkablePoolWater.com LLC states that when it comes to pool water sanitation they want to be the clear technological leader in the space.  However, all of that technology comes at a high price.   The average residential pool owner will spend somewhere between $5600 and $6300 to have Drinkable Pool Water System installed on their swimming pool.  



AOP technology and titanium produced hydroxyl radicals will make chlorine as a swimming pool sanitizer obsolete within the next few years.

This is a video of a Drinkable Pool Water System installed on a pool in Marietta GA in 2019.